Your Wellness Community

We believe the Community you are a part of makes a world of difference in the support and connection you feel, in all aspects of your life! We want to help you feel a part of our Community, whether you are beginning a walking regimen for health and wellness, or are a seasoned marathoner. After all, we’re all in this together!


Locally owned, locally operated.

Our team of athletic experts are committed to supporting you in your daily commitments and health goals, and want to see you succeed!

Every single one of us has our own health and fitness journey that is unique to each of us as individuals. We’re here to help you find the best footwear, apparel, nutritional items, and gear that will serve you and your needs.


A shoe for everyone.

We know that not everyone may call themselves a “runner” but we’re all on the move each and every day. Whether you’re on your feet for work, traveling, chasing around kids, or are hitting the pavement and trails, we have the shoe to support you.

Not sure which shoe is best for you? Come by our store for a FREE gait analysis; it helps us figure out which shoe will provide you with the most support and comfort. During your Gait Analysis a member of our team will:

• Find out what your specific goals, challenges, and habits are.

• Perform a video analysis of your foot strikes while in motion. This lets us know if your gait is neutral, or if you do pronate or supinate (we’ll explain what this means too!).

• Size your feet and have you try on shoes that are meant for your feet, until you find the perfect fit.

Come visit us today!